Vinayheadsq70Dr Steve Vinay Gunther



I am by nature an optimist and an adventurer. I like to believe things will go well, and that peo
ple are basically well intentioned.

As I have learned more about myself, this stance has been tempered with an appreciation I call The Unvirtues. This refers to our underbelly, the shadow, the disowned parts of self that can undermine the best of intentions. I am interested in this therapeutically, as it brings a more holistic approach to relationship, and I am intersted in it personally, as it bring me more depth.


My interest and study of psychotherapy spans 50 years. I have been in private practice for 40 years, working with individuals, couples and families. My training includes the following:

  • Gestalt therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Career coaching
  • Narrative therapy
  • Family Constellations

I have also trained in NLP, somatic psychotherapy and relational therapy.


My background also includes theatre and clowning, street theatre, community activism, meditation philosophy and practice. I have run several businesses, including a vegetarian cafe, a sign writing business, and a food coop.


I founded the Northern Rivers Gestalt Institute – a four year post graduate program that achieved registration with the education department. I was director of the program for 17 years, and responsible for all aspects of school including curriculum development, supervision, training and assessment.

Career Development

I have developed a unique process called Career Decision Coaching™, which integrates a number of approaches in one focused session, and helps people find their ideal career path.

Gestalt Therapy International Program

I regularly teach in the US, Mexico, Colombia, China and Japan. One of my specialisations is in the area of psychotherapy and spirituality. I am director of Spiritual Psychology at Ryokan College. I am currently the director of a 4 year professional Gestalt training program in Shanghai.


I am the author of a bestsellking book for men called The Woman In Your Life – A Man's Guide to a Happy Relationship.


I enjoy my work, and find a great deal of satisfaction from helping people move through their challenges, towards self discovery and empowerment. I find teaching and training particularly rewarding, and I integrate theory and experiential approaches in my educational approach.


I have 5 grown children (including 2 step children) and 4 grandchildren. I am fascinated by systems theory and cybernetics, and am currently a doctoral student, working on a thesis about the interpersonal dimensions of power.


  • Graduate Diploma of Social Ecology
  • Masters of Gestalt Therapy
  • Masters of Mental Health


  • European Assocaition of Gestalt Therapy
  • Australian Association of Career Counsellors
  • Right Use of Power
  • Workplace trainer category 4
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